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Specialists in auditing and consulting for companies and associations, small or large. A personalized and local service which ensures a permanent availability of discussion partner.

DGST is the result of the regrouping of different firms of auditors - most of which have existed for more than twenty years - who share the same values and the same demanding vision of their profession and the desire to offer the best services to their clients. Our internal organization and the profiles of our associates allow great flexibility, a multiplicity of skills and complementarity of experiences.

We carry out the missions of auditor in many commercial and industrial companies as well as in a series of entities in the non-profit sector. We also carry out one-off audit and legal missions (contributions, mergers, transformations, etc.) with these companies and entities.

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We offer full assistance in Belgium but also abroad, via the international GGI alliance of which we are a member. This multidisciplinary association, ranked among the 10 best in the world, brings together independent specialists in auditing, accountancy and law. You can count on our contacts and on the expertise of nearly 600 experts for the development and support of your international activities.

We also advise companies, associations and individuals in areas such as the organization of an accounting system, taxation, restructuring of companies or activities, management, internal control and administrative organization. We also offer audit or advisory services in specific matters such as consolidation or IAS / IFRS standards. We do not practice the traditional activities of bookkeeping and preparation of VAT and tax returns. In Belgium, we are co-founders and facilitators of Business and Law legal website: the information and documentation website on accounting and tax matters.

We work most often in French, Dutch and English, but we can compose teams also mastering German, Italian, Spanish or other languages. For assignments requiring Dutch-speaking expertise, our correspondent is cabinet CDO .


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